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I'm Anders Björkelund.

I'm a researcher in the Computational Science for Health and Environment group at the Centre for Environmental and Climate Science at Lund University. Despite the apparent affiliation, I'm not a climate scientist but a computer scientist specialized in machine learning. I am, broadly speaking, working on machine-learning applications on medical data in the healthcare domain.

I am originally from Lund, Sweden and did my undergraduate in computer science at Lund University. I obtained my doctoral degree at the Institute for Natural Language Processing in Stuttgart, Germany [dissertation].

For a complete list of publications see my Google Scholar profile.

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Research summary

Machine-learning on medical data in the healthcare domain.

Selected publications:

Linguistically informed machine models for natural language processing.

Selected publications:

Knowledge representation and skill redeployment for industrial robotics.

Selected publications:

Open Source Software


Private: ab (AT-symbol) bjorkelund.org
Professional: anders.bjorkelund (AT-symbol) cec.lu.se

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