Hi! I'm Anders Björkelund.

I'm a research engineer in the Computational Biology and Biological Physics group at the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics at Lund University. Despite the apparent affiliation, I'm not a phycisist but a computer scientist specialized in machine learning. I am currently working in a VINNOVA project with the hospital in Lund where we are applying machine learning methods to clinical data with regard to heart disease.

I am originally from Lund, Sweden and did my undergraduate in computer science at Lund University, where I subsequently also worked both on NLP and knowledge representation and reasoning (i.e., old-school AI) for industrial robots. After that I spent a number of years at the Institute for Natural Language Processing in Stuttgart, Germany where I also earned my PhD degree. My work in Stuttgart in general and dissertation work in particular revolved around predicting linguistic structure, typically with approximate search and often the specific problem of natural language parsing.

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